U-99 Znetix II, Terry Troxell 144.849
U-1 Miss Bud, Dave Villwock 142.133
U-100 Znetix, Greg Hopp 139.732
U-9 Fiesta Bowl, Mike Hanson 134.801
U-16 E-Lam Plus, Nate Brown 128.535
U-8 Llumar, Jimmy King 124.168
U-10 Diamond Lil's, Mark Weber Lap Penalty



KENNEWICK -- Terry Troxell, driving Znetix II, captured the first unlimited hydroplane race of his driving career yesterday, taking the lead on the first turn and driving to victory in the Budweiser Columbia Cup. Troxell's average speed was 144.849 mph. Dave Villwock, in Miss Budweiser, started on the far outside and was behind coming out of the first turn. He fought his way through the pack to take second place. Villwock's average speed was 142.133 mph. Troxell's teammate, Greg Hopp, finished third, at 139.732 mph. "Greg beat me to the corner, but I knew if I got out clean, I'd have a shot at it. With him holding up the Budweiser, it gave me a chance," said Troxell, 53, of Gig Harbor. Mike Hanson was fourth in Fiesta Bowl & Casino, at 134.801. Fifth went to Nate Brown, driving Miss E-Lam, with an average speed of 128.535 mph. Brown was the No. 2 qualifier, but he was caught behind boats on his way to the starting line and never recovered his position. Sixth went to Jimmy King, driving LLumar Window Film at 124.168 mph. Mark Weber, driver of Diamond Lil's, was penalized a lap for a lane violation and finished seventh. Only the top six finishers receive points. The race on the Columbia River went off without any accidents. It was the fourth of six unlimited hydroplane races this year.

Heat 1A 1. U-9 Fiesta Bowl & Casino, Mike Hanson 146.506 mph, No points. 2. U-100 Znetix I, Greg Hopp, 145.382 mph, 30 points. 3. U-99 Znetix II, Terry Troxell, 142.577 mph, 23 points. 4. U-8 Llumar Window Film, Jimmy King, 136.563 mph, 17 points. 5. U-25 Silver Dollar Casino, Ken Muscatel, 125.441 mph, 13 points. 6. U-15 Miss Emcor, Mike Weber, DNS, 0 points. Fast lap - Lap 2, 147.558 mph, U-9. Hanson timed his start well, making it in and out of the first turn before everyone else. He was never really threatened after that. However, race officials took away his 40 victory points when the boat was hit with a flagrant fuel violation.

Heat 1B 1. U-1 Miss Budweiser, Dave Villwock, 142.540 mph, 40 points. 2. U-16 Miss E-Lam Plus, Nate Brown, 140.684 mph, 30 points. 3. U-10 Diamond Lil's, Mark Weber, 134.274 mph, 23 points. 4. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto, Steve David, 131.222 mph, 17 points. 5. U-2 Trendwest, Scott Pierce, 127.887 mph, 13 points. 6. U-3 Vacationville.com, Mitch Evans, 120.826 mph, 10 points. Fast lap - Lap 1, 148.856 mph, U-1. Starting in Lane 1, Villwock got the Bud into Turn 1 first, then stayed ahead of the rest of the crowd for the victory. Brown was in second the whole way and closed the gap entering the final lap. But his E-Lam got loose and started getting high on the water before he decided to pull back.

Heat 2A 1. U-16 E-Lam, Brown, 140.477 mph, 40 points. 2. U-2 Trendwest, Pierce, 139.598 mph, 30 points. 3. U-6 Oberto, David, 136.132 mph, 23 points. 4. U-10 Diamond Lil's, Mark Weber, 128.800 mph, 17 points. 5. U-3 Vacationville.com, Evans, 120.544 mph, 13 points. U-9 Fiesta, Hanson, DNF, 0 points. Fast lap - Lap 2, U-16, 143.387 mph. Starting in the second lane, Pierce got the U-2 to the corner first. But by the backstretch, Brown had the E-Lam in front all the way from Lane 5. Pierce stuck with Brown for two laps before the latter pulled away for the win. Hanson's fuel line shut down and he lost power.

Heat 2B 1. U-1 Bud, Villwock, 146.414 mph, 40 points. 2. U-100 Znetix I, Hopp, 139.371 mph, 30 points. 3. U-8 Llumar, King, 136.024 mph, 23 points. 4. U-25 Silver Dollar, Muscatel, 124.400 mph, 17 points. 5. U-99 Znetix II, Troxell, 136.024 mph, 13 points (One-lap penalty). Fast lap - Lap 2, U-1, 148.591 mph. Troxell got to the turn first, and King joined him out front on the backstretch for the first lap. But Villwock came on strong, and by the second lap he had come from the fifth lane and into the lead. Troxell was penalized a lap for hitting a buoy.

Heat 3A 1. U-1 Bud, Villwock, 144.973 mph, 40 points. 2. U-100 Znetix I, Hopp, 144.411 mph, 30 points. 3. U-10 Diamond Lil's, Mark Weber, 131.868 mph, 23 points. 4. U-25 Silver Casino, Muscatel, 118.347 mph, 17 points. 5. U-6 Oberto, David, 132.888 mph, 13 points (penalized one lap). DNS, U-9 Fiesta, Hanson, 0 points. Fast lap - Lap 1, U-1 149.848 mph. Hopp made a great start in Lane 2 and went into the first turn ahead of everyone else. But Villwock made a great turn and came out ahead, fending off Hopp the rest of the way.

Heat 3B 1. U-16 E-Lam, Brown, 142.911 mph, 40 points. 2. U-99 Znetix II, Troxell, 142.451 mph, 30 points. 3. U-8 Llumar, King, 133.610 mph, 23 points. 4. U-2 Trendwest, Pierce, 132.989 mph, 17 points. 5. U-3 Vacationville.com, Evans, 123.346 mph, 13 points. Fast lap - Lap 3, U-99, 144.769 mph. Troxell made it to the turn first, but when he came out on the backstretch, three boats were abreast with U-99, U-2 and U-16. Brown finally kicked it in at the end of the first lap, but he needed a great final turn on the last lap for the victory.

Provisional 1. U-9 Fiesta, Hanson, 142.691 mph. 2. Oberto, David, 141.246 mph. 3. U-15 Miss Emcor, Mike Weber, 140.597 mph. 4. U-2 Trendwest, Pierce, 128.270 mph. 5. U-25 Silver Dollar, Muscatel, 121.255 mph. Hanson and David came across the start-finish line dead even after two laps, but Hanson pulled away in the last half lap to earn the spot in the final. U-3 Vacationville.com pulled out before the race when its propeller combination was too small.

Qualifying Speeds

U-9 Fiesta Bowl and Casino Mike Hanson 154.374
U-16 Miss E-Lam Plus, Nate Brown 154.104
U-100 Znetix I, Greg Hopp 153.176
U-1 Miss Budweiser, Dave Villwock 152.460
U-99 Znetix II, Terry Troxell 151.485
U-10 Diamond Lil, Mark Weber 151.217
U-15 Miss EMCOR, Mike Weber 150.698
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto, Steve David 149.549
U-8 LLumar Window Film, Jimmy King 146.308
U-2 Trendwest, Scott Pierce 145.914
U-25 Silver Dollar Casino, Ken Muscatel 137.646
U-3 Vacationville.com, Mitch Evans 137.176