General Motors Cup on Lake Washington ...

Courier Staff Report ... Dave Villwock pulled off an emotional win and Steve David nearly pulled off the impossible Sunday in Seattle. Villwock, won his second straight General Motors Cup in Seattle, driving the U-1 Miss Budweiser to a wire-to-wire win on Lake Washington. But David, driving the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison, pulled off a third-place finish despite virtually no testing time. On Friday, the Oberto sheared off one of its three blades on the propeller and the resulting damage tore up the hull’s bottom. Shuttling the boat to the Miss Budweiser shop nearby, the Miss Madison crew spent all weekend repairing the damage. The work paid off. David drove the boat to a pair of preliminary heat wins and was the points leader heading into the final. In the final, he managed a third place behind Villwock and Mike Weber in the U-10 EMCOR presents Miss Grand Central Casino, but the weekend was a success. It was even more successful for Villwock, who claimed his eighth win at Seattle and 41st of his career. “I wanted this victory for this team and for our fans in my hometown of Seattle,” said Villwock. “I have been fortunate to win Seattle’s General Motors Cup seven times and every one of them is very special. I am getting closer to Bill Muncey’s record of nine Seattle wins and look forward to every chance I have to attain that record. The fans here are terrific and I am proud to win for them and this community.” Villwock claimed the win after Terry Troxell jumped the starting gun in the U-2 Miss Trendwest. Troxell led the field into the first turn, but quickly faded to sixth after the penalty was announced. Villwock was not challenged in winning his second race of the season. Weber and David finished second and third while Nate Brown was fourth in the U-16 Miss Elam Plus. Mark Evans, winner last week at Tri-Cities, was fifth in the U-8 Llumar Window Film and Troxell finished sixth. The victory was also the second for owner Joe Little who took over for hiss father Bernie Little after the latter’s death in April. “Today’s victory is all about the championship,” said Villwock. “With the win we have gained valuable points for the championship. I know how important winning a championship is to the Little family and to this team. The Miss Budweiser team has one goal in mind and that is to win the championship in memory of Bernie and for our new leader, Joe Little.” While the Bud and Oberto teams had a good weekend, it wasn’t nearly as good for two teams that had designs on the national championship. Mike Hanson, driver of the U-9 Skyway Park Bowl & Casino, entered the weekend in the third place in the points race but was done in by circumstance. In a mandate handed down by Hydro-Prop Inc., the governing body of the sport, the sixth-fastest qualifiers were placed in heats together with the six slowest in the other heats. As a result, Hanson finished fourth, third and fifth against the faster boats and second in the provisional heat to miss the final. Even more disappointing was Mitch Evans, who has been the darling of the sport in the piston-powered U-3 Vactionville presents Toyota of Kirkland. Evans, who won the season opener at Evansville, was the second fastest in time trials to only Bud but was unable to finish a single heat on the day. In an eerily similar scenario as what happened at Madison, Evans had a dominating run in Heat 1A, the ‘fast heat.’ Evans led the field through two laps, pulling away for what looked to be an easy victory when his engine let go. Despite the fast lap of 144.427 mph, he settled for a ‘Did Not Finish.’ According to Madison Courier West Coast Correspondent Bob Senior, unlike at Madison where the U-3 experienced internal engine problems, the fault at Seattle was in the boat’s twin turbochargers. “They blew a couple of turbos and that was all she wrote,” said Senior. Senior added that Miss Madison’s miraculous comeback from the earlier damage in time trials is a testament to how well the all-volunteer team has come together. When the propeller sheared off one of its three blades, the broken blade and resulting vibration tore up a six-foot section of the bottom of the hydroplane — damage that would have been much worse if David had not shut the U-6 down immediately. “They worked around the clock at the Bud shop and they just didn’t patch it, they did a complete rebuild to where it might just be better than before,” said Senior. “The most impressive thing is that when they put it back on the water Sunday there were no vibrations so it’s a really solid repair.” Villwock, not known to be an emotional person, showed his softer side in his remarks at the Seafair trophy presentation after his win on Sunday. “Villwock said the win was special for a couple of reasons,” said Senior. “He noted that Seattle was the site of Bernie Little’s last victory prior to his death. but he dedicated the race win to his mom, Doris Villwock, who has terminal colon cancer. “He said, ‘This will probably be my mom’s last Seafair so I really wanted to win this one for her.’” The crowd for Seafair was estimated at 300,000 on Sunday and 500,000 for a weekend that included several performance by the Blue Angles. “I don’t know how you’d ever tell for sure, but the area known as the logboom where boaters tie up to watch the race was lined up end-to-end with the exception of the escape chute,” said Senior. “How many people are on each of those boats you’d never know, but it was a big crowd.”


U-1 Miss Budweiser, Dave Villwock, 153.790
U-3 Vacationville.com, Mitch Evans, 153.266 (2 Mile Piston World Record!)
U-9 Skyway Park Bowl and Casino, Mike Hanson 151.837
U-8 Llumar Window Film, Mark Evans, 151.266
U-10 EMCOR, Mike Weber, 148.606
U-16 Miss Elam Plus, Nate Brown, 147.420
U-100 Nicole Marie Yacht Charters, J.W. Myers, 144.808
U-99 Fairweather Masonry, Doug Brow, 143.334
U-2 Miss Trendwest, Terry Troxell, 142.794
U-25 Golden Nugget Casino / Rock, Ken Muscatel, 134.010
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto, Steve David, no time
U-19 Graham Trucking, Jerry Hale, no time

Heat 1A

1 Miss Budweiser > Dave Villwock > 139.693
2 ELAM Plus > Nate Brown > 128.788
3 Llumar Window Film > Mark Evans > 121.961
4 Skyway Park Bowl* > Mike Hanson > 130.388
5 EMCOR** > Mike Weber > 127.390
6 Vacationville.com > Mitch Evans > DNF

One- lap penalties: * Off plane more than 5 seconds.
** Missed a buoy during the heat.

Heat 1B

1 Fairweather Masonry > Doug Brow > 115.482
2 Miss Trendwest* > Terry Troxell > 132.748
3 Oh Boy! Oberto* > Steve David > 129.828
4 Nicole Marie Yacht Charters* > JW Myers > 128.130
5 Silver Dollar Casino/Rock* > **Ken Muscatel > 114.488
6 Graham Trucking > Jerry Hale > DNF

*One lap penalty — Jumping the gun. ** Fuel violation — loss of points

Heat 2A

1 ELAM Plus > Nate Brown > 132.516
2 EMCOR > Mike Weber > 132.502
3 Skyway Park Bowl > Mike Hanson > 130.810
4 Miss Budweiser > Dave Villwock > 123.607
5 Llumar Window Film* > Mark Evans > 127.566
6 Vacationville.com > Mitch Evans > DNF

* One-lap penalty for lane encroachment.

Heat 2B

1 Oh Boy! Oberto > Steve David > 132.583
2 Miss Trendwest > Terry Troxell > 130.881
3 Fairweather Masonry > Doug Brow > 120.098
4 Nicole Marie Yacht Charters* > JW Myers > 134.446
5 Silver Dollar Casino/Rock* > Ken Muscatel > 110.199
6 Graham Trucking > Jerry Hale > DNS

* One-lap penalty for lane encroachment.

Heat 3A

1 Miss Budweiser > Dave Villwock > 140.313
2 Llumar Window Film > Mark Evans > 135.711
3 EMCOR > Mike Weber > 132.266
4 ELAM Plus > Nate Brown > 127.323
5 Skyway Park Bowl > Mike Hanson > 124.216
6 Vacationville.com > Mitch Evans > DNS

Heat 3B

1 Oh Boy! Oberto > Steve David > 136.154
2 Miss Trendwest > Terry Troxell > 131.763
3 Silver Dollar Casino/Rock > Ken Muscatel > 114.239
4 Fairweather Masonry > Doug Brow > DNF
5 Nicole Marie Yacht Charters > JW Myers > DNF
6 Graham Trucking > Jerry Hale > DNS

Provisional heat

1 EMCOR > Mike Weber > 139.767
2 Skyway Park Bowl > Mike Hanson 138.228
3 Silver Dollar Casino/Rock > Ken Muscatel > 109.891

General Motors Cup Final Heat

1 Miss Budweiser > Dave Villwock > 139.323
2 EMCOR > Mike Weber > 132.459
3 Oh Boy! Oberto > Steve David > 131.668
4 ELAM Plus > Nate Brown > 129.328
5 Llumar Window Film > Mark Evans > 115.831
6 *Miss Trendwest > Terry Troxell > 131.798

* one lap gun jump penalty