Madison Regatta 2007

Villwock wins Madison Regatta ...

AP MADISON, Ind. - Dave Villwock overcame a bad battery and a hard-charging Steve David
in the hometown hydroplane Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison to win the 57th annual Madison
Regatta Sunday on the Ohio River. Villwock almost didnt start the championship heat
due to an undercharged battery. But the Auburn, Wash. resident still managed to steer
his U-16 Miss Elam Plus to its third-straight Indiana Governors Cup win. "I need a
different battery, I was just getting 20 percent. Just hoping, and finally it just got
enough RPM," Villwock said. "I probably broke something in the boat, but I dont care.
I just wanted it to run." The Oh Boy! Oberto and driver Steve David of Lighthouse Point,
Fla., entered the final as the favorite after winning all three preliminary heats for
just the second time in the teams 47-year history. But Villwock bested David after the
second lap and cruised to his 53rd-career win with an average speed of 139.641 mph. "I
knew Dave had a lot of speed," David said. "When I had the lead, I knew where he was,
and I was just waiting for him to put it into sixth gear and go. "He did and I just
couldnt hold him off down the backstretch." J. Michael Kelly, also from Auburn, WA,
finished 3rd in the U-13 Spirit of Detroit, his highest finish ever in the Unlimiteds.

1st ... U16 ELAM Plus (139.641)
2nd ... U6 Oh Boy! Oberto (137.684)
3rd ... U13 Spirit of Detroit (132.634)
4th ... U37 Beacon Plumbing (120.093)
DNF ... U100 Mirage Racing
DNF ... U3 Chrysler Jeep
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Total Race Points ...
U16 Miss ELAM Plus ... 1525 (Season Total = 3225)
U6 Oh Boy! Oberto ... 1570 (Season Total = 2560)
U37 Beacon Plumbing ... 1274 (Season Total = 2354)
U3 Chrysler Jeep ... 1040 (Season Total = 2305)
U100 Mirage Racing ... 1000 (Season Total = 1949)
U13 Spirit of Detroit ... 1080 (Season Total = 1684)
U1 ... 619 (Season Total = 904)
U25 Superior Racing ... 855 (Season Total = 885)
U10 Ahern Rentals ... 60 (Season Total = 780)
U5 ... 350 (Season total = 720)

HEAT 3A ...
1st ... U6 Oh Boy! Oberto
2nd ... U3 Chrysler Jeep
3rd ... U25 Superior Racing

HEAT 3B ...
1st ... U16 ELAM Plus
2nd ... U100 Mirage Racing
DNS ... U5

HEAT 3C ...
1st ... U37 Beacon Plumbing
2nd ... U13 Spirit of Detroit
3rd ... U1
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HEAT 2A ...
1st ... U6 Oh Boy! Oberto
2nd ... U3 Chrysler Jeep
3rd ... U1
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HEAT 2B ...
1st ... U16 ELAM Plus
2nd ... U13 Spirit of Detroit
3rd ... U37 Beacon Plumbing (gun jump)

HEAT 2C ...
1st ... U100 Mirage Racing
2nd ... U25 Superior Racing
DNS ... U5

HEAT 1A ...
1st ... U6 Oh Boy! Oberto
2nd ... *U5 (N2v)
3rd ... U16 ELAM Plus
4th ... U1
* N2 Violation (no points)

HEAT 1B ...
1st ... U37 Beacon Plumbing
2nd ... U100 Mirage Racing
3rd ... U13 Spirit of Detroit

HEAT 1C ...
1st ... U3 Chrysler Jeep
2nd ... U25 Superior Racing
DNF ... U10 Ahern Rentals (Withdrew from Race)
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Final Qualifying Results ...

Saturday Qualifying & Dash for Cash erased due to debris.

U-16 MISS ELAM PLUS (Dave Villwock) ... 158.207
U-37 MISS BEACON PLUMBING (Jean Theoret) ... 154.418
U-6 OH BOY! OBERTO (Steven David) ... 150.436
U-10 AHERN RENTALS (David Bryant) ... 150.383
U-5 FORMULABOATS.COM (Jeff Bernard) ... 149.882
U-3 CHRYSLER JEEP (Jimmy King) ... 149.735
U-13 SPIRIT OF DETROIT (J M Kelly) ... 148.463
U-25 SUPERIOR RACING (Ken Muscatel) ... 143.586
U-1 FORMULABOATS.COM (Mike Allen) no speed
U-100 MIRAGE RACING (Greg Hopp) no speed

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