ELAM Plus declared the winner ...

By Tania Ganguli ... tganguli@courier-journal.com ... The Courier Journal ... MADISON, Ind. The 56th annual Madison Regatta's final heat was canceled yesterday after a car rammed through spectators, injuring 11 people. Dave Villwock was declared the winner based on point standings from preliminary heats. "It was not the ending of a racing event that anyone would ever want to envision," said Sam Cole, chairman of the American Boat Racing Association. Cole hesitated even to discuss winners and said there would be no trophy ceremony. Villwock, driving the Miss Elam Plus, finished as the day's point leader with 800 and leads the Unlimited Hydroplane Series with 2,500. The win was the 50th of his career. Had the final heat been held, only three boats were certain to race -- the Miss Elam Plus, which had won two heats, and Formulaboats.com and Formulaboats.com II, which had won one each. Mike Allen in the Formulaboats.com II finished second with 700 points, and Mike Weber in Formulaboats.com finished third with 625. All the other drivers had fallen victim to the rough waters and debris on the river. The U-10 Miss Emcor and the U-100 Miss RE/MAX suffered damage in testing and did not compete. Neither did the U-21 Freedom Racing, which had problems with its gear box during qualification. The hometown boat, the Oh Boy! Oberto Miss Madison, took a sharp turn into the inside of the course during a heat and barely missed the flag boat. The rudder broke off and sank, and fiberglass parts were ripped off the boat's hull. "We think it was something Mike Weber threw in there to slow me down, but I'm not sure," driver Steve David joked. Because Ken Muscatel's Superior Racing stalled during his second heat, the Miss Seattle could have squeezed into the final despite receiving two one-lap penalties. But a broken motor mount meant the U-37 wasn't going to run anyway. "I believe it happened last week and we just didn't see it," Miss Seattle crew chief Scott Raney said.

Race order based on points ...
1. U-1 800 (2006 point total=2500)
2. U-7 700 (2006 point total=1649)
3. U-5 625 (2006 point total=1680)
4. U-37 450 (2006 point total=1138)
5. U-3 300 (2006 point total=1860)
6.U-6 300 ((2006 point total=1097)
7.U-2.25 300 (2006 point total=682)
U-100 0 (2006 point total=509)
U-10 0 (2006 point total=424)
U-21 0 (2006 point total=0)

HEAT 2B ...
1st ... U16 ELAM Plus (135.565)
2nd ... U3 Master Tire (129.074)
DNF ... U2.25 Superior Racing
DNS ... U6 Oh Boy! Oberto
Steven David WORX

HEAT 2A ...
1st ... U5 Formula Boats (138.099)
2nd ... U7 Formula Boats II (113.172)
3rd ... U37 Beacon Plumbing* (118.589)
*Lap Penalty
Mike Weber WORX

HEAT 1B ...
1st ... U7 Formula Boats II (Mike Allen) 137.451
2nd ... U2.25 Superior Racing (Ken Muscatel) 115.653
3rd ... U37 Beacon Plumbing* (Jean Theoret) 127.888
DNF ... U3 Master Tire (Jimmy King)
*Lap Penalty
Mike Allen WORX

HEAT 1A ...
1st ... U1 ELAM Plus (Dave Villwock) 138.262
2nd ... U6 Oh Boy! Oberto (Steven David) 134.745
3rd ... U5 Formula Boats (Mike Weber) 126.098
DNS ... U10 Miss Emcor (Nate Brown)
Steven David WORX

U100, U10 & the U21 withdrew before the start of the Race.

No Qualifying Speeds (due to high-water) ...

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