1st ... U-16 J.W. Myers 135.245
2nd ... U-3 Jimmy King 133.449
3rd ... U-6 Steve David 130.933
4th ... U2 J. Michael Kelly 125.756
5th ... U5 RW Dick Lynch 110.729
6th ... U8 Jean Theoret DNF

Final Heat recap by David Campbell Courier Sportswriter ... J.W. Myers completed a day-long sweep, driving the U-16 Miss Elam Plus to a convincing win, taking the Indiana Governor’s Cup at Madison Sunday. Myers, the sport’s Rookie of the Year in 2003, won all three of his preliminary heats and nailed the start on the final to take his first career victory. “It’s just unbelievable,” Myers said. “To be the fastest qualifier, take all three heats and then win the final, it just feels great. The crew really got the boat ready and it was up to me to deliver. I held up my part and they more then held up theirs.” As he did all weekend, Myers was perfect on the start and led the field through the first turn. From there, the bright orange wasn’t challenged. Jimmy King and the U-3 Master Tire gave chase for two and a half laps before getting a tad light coming out of turn one. That brief window gave Myers all the opening he needed. “They really had that Elam dialed in. It ran well all weekend,” King said. “We had some problems with our top-end speed. It turned great, it handled great, we just didn’t have much top end.” Myers’ winning speed was 135.245 mph while King held on to take second place at 133.449. Steve David and the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto-Miss Madison finished third at 130.933 after a three-lap duel with Jean Theoret and the U-8 LLumar Window Film ended when the latter’s engine gave out. J. Michael Kelly and the U-2 Graham Trucking presents Miss Bello’s Pizza came up from the trailer position to place fourth at 125.756 mph while Dick Lynch and the U-5 FormulaBoats.com was fifth in 110.729.

HEAT 3A Results ...
1st ... U8 Jean Theoret 141.269
2nd ... U2 J. Michael Kelly 138.811
3rd ... U3 Jimmy King 137.697
4th ... U100 Gerg Hopp 118.808

HEAT 3B Results ...
1st ... U16 J.W. Myers 137.179
2nd ... U6 Steve David 134.752
3rd ... U5 Dick Lynch 115.658
DNS ... U25 (Withdrew do to damage)

HEAT 2A Results ...
1st ... U3 Jimmy King 141.506
2nd ... U6 Steve David 141.143
3rd ... U100 Greg Hopp 126.649
4th ... U25 Ken Muscatel 114.305

HEAT 2B Results ...
1st ... U16 J.W. Myers 137.346
2nd ... U5 Dick Lynch 114.518
3rd ... U2 J. Michael Kelly 134.035 (Gun Jump)
4th ... U8 Jean Theoret 128.143 (Gun Jump)
J. Michael Kelly

HEAT 1A Results ...
1st ... U16 J.W. Myers 146.888
2nd ... U3 Jimmy King 140.826
3rd ... U2 J. Michael Kelly 131.569
4th ... U100 Greg Hopp 130.588

HEAT 1B Results ...
1st ... U25 Ken Muscatel 118.761
2nd ... U6 Steve David 141.729 (lap Penalty)
3rd ... U8 Jean Theoret 139.345 (lap Penalty)
4th ... U5 Dick Lynch DNS

Heat 1 recaps — J.W. Myers and Jimmy King staged a deck-to-deck battle in the opening heat of this weekend’s Indiana Governor’s Cup Madison Regatta Saturday on the Ohio River. Myers, in the U-16 Miss Elam Plus, and King, driving the Evansville-based U-3 Master Tire, battled for three heats with neither getting a clear advantage. In the end, King got a little bit loose toward the end of lap two, giving Myers the opening he needed. The Seattle native went on to post the victory with an average speed of 146.488 mph, besting King by eight boat-lengths. “It was deck-to-deck all the way at the start. You probably could have jumped from boat-to-boat out there,” Myers said. “It was exciting to race and I’m sure it was exciting to watch.” Myers finished as the fastest qualifier, turning a lap of 156.570 mph in morning testing. But King’s piston-packer was just as fast. “I’m sure it was more fun to race than it was to watch,” said King, who ran over to congratulate Myers after the win. “(The Elam) has a lot of top-end speed, but this thing just corners so well. If I can just stay on the inside of him, we can have a pretty good day tomorrow.” In Saturday’s second heat, Ken Muscatel was in the right place at the right time and took the checkered flag in the U-25 Superior Racing. Steve David and the Madison-owned U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto and Canadian rookie Jean Theoret in the U-8 LLumar Window Film crossed the start line at the same time, nearly a quarter of a lap ahead of Muscatel. But both David and Theoret were just early to the start and each were assessed one-lap penalties. All Muscatel had to do was hold on for three laps to take the win. “My radio wasn’t working and I didn’t know what was going on until I saw that checkered flag and the other two were still racing,” Muscatel said. “They were so far ahead of me, I couldn’t believe I was that late. But it worked out.” The win was a fitting cap to a rough week for Muscatel. Last Friday, the steering gave out on his boat during a qualification run at the Chrevrolet Thunder on the Ohio at Evansville, Ind., and Muscatel ran out of control up onto the Kentucky shoreline, escaping injury but damaging the right side of the boat. The team spent all week repairing the boat, arriving in the pits late Friday night before finally going on the water late Saturday morning. “It’s a really good way to end the week,” Muscatel said. “There was a lot of hard work and long hours put in by this team to get the boat ready.” David, the only active driver on the circuit with a win, was happy with the boat’s performance in taking second place. But he wasn’t happy about the one-lap penalty. “They are using an atomic clock, rather than having one visible (on the judges stand),” David said. “I’m used to being able to look up there and see where I’m at. But the boat is running really well right now. On the race course, you make up about 3 or 4 mph. But all of this is the practice dance for tomorrow’s big dance.” The rest of the racing program will be contested Sunday with preliminary heats starting at 11 a.m. and the championship heat set for 4:10 p.m. EST. “You have to beat them to the starting line, take control and never get up,” Myers said of his strategy. “It’s all about taking control and wearing the pants of the group.”

July 1-2, Final Unlimited Qualifying Speeds ...

U16 ELAM Plus ... 156.570
U8 LLumar ... 152.451
U3 ... 150.915
U6 Oh Boy! Oberto ... 147.403
U2 ... 142.245
U25 ... 134.114
U100 ... 132.493
U5 ... 130.245

Steven David