U-9 Jones Racing 157.202
U-10 Miss EMCOR 146.346
U-100 Znetix 144.235
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 143.596
U-1 Miss Budweiser 142.239
U-8 Llumar 141.670
U-99 Znetix 136.807
U-3 Master Tire 136.701
U-25 S-Racing 136.011


U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 130.215
U-99 Znetix II 116.376
U-9 Jones Racing DNF - WITHDREW


U-10 EMCOR 136.239
U-1 Bud 127.982
U-3 M-Tire 109.151


U-100 Znetix 132.051
U-8 Llumar 131.310
U-25 S-Racing 110.709


U-1 Bud 130.829
U-25 S-Racing
U-99 Znetix II
U-100 Znetix DNF


U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 129.841
U-3 M-Tire
U-8 Llumar - gun jump penalty


U-100 Znetix 136.847
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto
U-1 Bud
U-25 S-Racing


U-10 EMCOR 142.396
U-99 Znetix


U-8 Llumar 132.208
U-25 S-Racing
U-3 M-Tire DNF


U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto* 130.074
U-100 Znetix 128.109
U-8 Llumar 119.516
U-99 Znetix II - gun jump penalty
U-10 EMCOR - gun jump penalty
U-1 Bud - gun jump penalty

*Miss Madison's all time wins (6)

1965 Guntersville - driver - Byers
1971 Madison - driver McCormick
1971 Tri-Cities - driver - McCormick
1983 Ozarks - driver - Snyder
1993 San Diego - driver - Hanson
2001 Madison - driver - David


1993 Dallas
1993 Pearl Harbor
1995 Kansas City
2001 Madison

RACE RECAP - By GORDON ENGELHARDT, Courier & Press staff writer

MADISON, Ind. — Tears of joy streamed down Michael McCormick’s face during the raucous post-race celebration on Sunday at the Indiana Governor’s Cup. “This brings back so many memories,” said McCormick, whose father Jim McCormick of Owensboro, Ky., drove Miss Madison to an upset win at the 1971 Gold Cup. Steve David gave this Ohio River city a similar thrill on Sunday, driving the hometown boat to victory on its home course for the first time since McCormick’s win. “It means a lot,” Michael McCormick said. “It’s more than I can imagine.” Returning to the cockpit of an unlimited hydroplane for the first time since 1999, David got a fateful call from Madison owner’s representative Bob Hughes in February. “This is the stuff of teamwork and faith and the people here together,” said David, who is also racing offshore boats. “The star of this production is the city of Madison.” “Madison,” the movie detailing McCormick’s victory 30 years ago, is expected to be released next spring. On Sunday, three boats had to jump the gun before the clock struck zero for David to post his improbable victory. “You’re on edge (nearing the start),” said David, who covered the 2³-mile course with an average speed of 130.074 mph. “Everybody did their best.” Because his radio cut out, he didn’t realize he had won until he came back to the pits and everyone went wild. “Usually everybody walks away from me,” said David with a laugh. He didn’t see the checkered flag. When he realized what he had just accomplished, he thrust both arms in the air as he climbed out of the cockpit. When asked what it was like to be the king of Madison, David said, “They already have a great mayor (Al Huntington). That’s his job. I just want to race the boat.” Oh Boy! Oberto is the boat’s sponsor, but it is owned by the city of Madison. “Steve is quick, aggressive and intense and we jumped on it,” said Hughes, who was in his first full year as Miss Madison’s team president in 1971. “Being the Gold Cup, the 1971 victory was more prestigious. But this is our most prestigious win since then. The thrill is just as much as it was then.” Mike Hanson drove Miss Madison to its last hydro victory in 1993 in San Diego. In fact, since the city of Madison began owning a team in 1961, it has produced just six victories. It was the fourth unlimited victory of David’s career and his first since he drove Jim Harvey’s U-2 to a win in 1995 at Kansas City. After Znetix II, driven by Terry Troxell, Miss EMCOR, driven by Mark Weber, and Miss Budweiser, driven by Dave Villwock, all jumped the gun, David seized the moment. Znetix II, Miss EMCOR and Miss Bud were all penalized one lap. Greg Hopp drove Znetix I to a second-place finish at 128.109. Jimmy King, in LLumar Window Film, was third at 119.516. Miss Budweiser won the season-opening race July 1 at Evansville’s Thunder on the Ohio, even though its fuel flow was restricted to 4.0 gallons per minute (gpm) compared to the 4.3 gpm the other turbine-powered teams were allowed. Hydro-Prop president Gary Garbrecht would not disclose if further restrictions had been placed upon Miss Bud at Madison. “We don’t have a lot of power to work with,” said Villwock, who had won seven of the previous eight races on the circuit, dating to last season, and three of the last four races at Madison. “We were just trying to get a good handling boat.” Mitch Evans drove Master Tire to third-place finishes in Heat 1B and 2B, but did not finish Heat 3B and the provisional heat. “There was a temperature problem with the motor,” said Evans, who drives the circuit’s lone piston-powered hydro for Ed Cooper Jr. of Evansville. “We had a couple of good heats, the breaks went our way and we got a couple of thirds. “We would’ve had a pretty easy third (in the provisional). We made the start, but the engine temperature just took off. It started getting hotter and hotter.” Miss Bello’s Pizza driver Mike Hanson, who was the fastest qualifier by 11 mph with a speed of 157.202 mph, incurred extensive hull damage in Heat 1A and could miss the Gold Cup this weekend in Detroit. Hanson collided with Znetix II, driven by Terry Troxell, as his skid fin began tearing away on turn 2 of lap 1 and was finished for the day.