RACING RESULTS (5-20-2000)

1 > U100 Project X 130.067
2 > U2 Freddie's Club 126.031
3 > U9 Jones Racing 119.351
4 > U5 Appian 104.176
U16 E-Lam Plus DNS

1 > U1 Budweiser 135.894
2 > U28 New Kids 103.366
3 > U10 York Penalty (gun jump)
U3 Coopers DNS
U25 Freei DNS

Miss Bud gives Villwock 30th victory
Monday, May 22, 2000

Anyone who has watched Dave Villwock drive the Miss Budweiser knows he's not the type of driver to make the same mistake twice. After a driving error cost him a chance to win the inaugural Mohave Unlimited Hydrofest last year, Villwock was nearly perfect as he piloted the Budweiser to four heat victories and the win yesterday in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Miss Budweiser continued its three-year dominance of the sport with its 17th victory in the past 22 races as Villwock picked up his 30th career victory. "I'm almost halfway to Hanauer now," Villwock said, referring to driver Chip Hanauer's 61 career victories. "I was really impressed with the other boats today, especially Mark Tate and the Freddie's Club. Mark will swing a big bat when they're on." While Budweiser had a relatively easy day of racing, Freddie's Club, Project X driven by Greg Hopp and York Heating with Mark Weber piloting found themselves battling for second all day. The Budweiser won the final heat from start to finish, but Tate and York were even for five laps with Tate maintaining a slight lead for second place. Hopp lost power on the first lap of the final heat, but refired and finished strong in fourth place. Ten boats made it to the first of only seven races this year. The Bud was the top qualifier with a speed of 156.125 mph, with Freddie's Club second at 147.623. Tate put together a fast lap of near 149 mph, but he didn't think he was actually that fast. "I honestly doubt we hit 149 because we're still working out problems with our boat setup," Tate said. "But don't get me wrong. I'm extremely proud of this team and our second-place finish. The crew made a lot of changes over the winter and it already is paying off." The weather conditions were hot all weekend with temperatures averaging over 100 degrees. The wind gusts on Lake Havasu, making it difficult for crews to estimate water conditions. Water skiing races between heats also added to the rough water conditions, and by the final heat, five boats -- Master Tire, Jones Racing, Miss E-Lam Plus, Miss and New Kid in Town -- were unable to continue racing. "It was an up and down day for a lot of us out there," said Mark Weber, driver of York Heating. "We broke a wing out there, but actually had our best setup for the final heat. It took us two days just to get it right." Three boats -- Master Tire, Miss and New Kid in Town -- did not reach a set qualifying time but were allowed to race anyway.

Final Heat Order of Finish (5-21-2000)
Team/Driver/Speed (mph):
U1 Dave Villwock, 130.199
U2 Mark Tate, 128.126
U10 Mark Weber, 126.218
U100 Greg Hopp, 111.255
U5 George Stratton, 108.551

Current National High Points:
U1 Miss Budweiser - 1600
U2 Freddie’s Club Casino - 1255
U5 Appian Jeronimo - 831
U10 York Heating and Air Conditioning - 1073
U100 Miss Project X - 1038

Final Qualifying Results (5-20-2000)

U-1 Budweiser 156.125
U-2 Freddie's Club Casinos 147.623
U-3 Master Tire
U-5 Appian Jeronimo 133.129
U-10 York International 147.583
U-11 Mike Jones Racing 144.570
U-16 Miss Elam Plus 137.200
U-25 Miss
U-28 New Kids on the Block
U-100 Miss Project X 134.970