Evans' victory is bittersweet

By Angelique S. Chengelis / The Detroit News ... DETROIT -- For the Evans brothers, it was a day of extreme emotions. Before Mitch Evans held the prestigious Gold Cup trophy to celebrate a monumental victory for the Miss Fox Hills Chrysler-Jeep / Sun Coatings and its piston-powered engine Sunday, he was handed a cell phone to speak to his brother, Mark. Mark Evans will undergo surgery today at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He flipped his unlimited hydroplane on the Detroit River 20 feet from the Detroit Yacht Club earlier Sunday. He suffered spiral fractures of the right tibia and fibula and a mild concussion. "This one is for him," Mitch Evans, 43, said. "It's horrible he couldn't be here to race with me, but I rose to the challenge." Defending champion Dave Villwock finished second in the Miss Budweiser. Mike Hanson, the 2001 Gold Cup winner, was third in the Al Deeby Dodge. Evans, who works with an all-volunteer crew and whose boat secured sponsorship less than two weeks ago, dominated the Gold Cup with a World War II Allison piston-powered fight plane engine. Chip Hanauer was the last to drive a piston-powered boat to a Gold Cup victory in 1983. The last time a piston boat won on the Detroit River was 1984. Hanson started from the inside lane, Evans was second and Villwock in lane three. "I knew I had to have a good start -- I had to dominate it," said Evans, of Lake Chelan, Wash. "I had one of the fastest boats, Mike Hanson, inside of me, and I could not let up for a second. I had to good clean turn and stay out of trouble and run away from them. I think that's where I got the race, in the second turn." Evans never trailed in his first career Gold Cup victory.



1st > U-3 Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep > 144.152 (fast lap (2) 150.285)
2nd > U-1 Miss Budweiser > 141.488
3rd > U-9 Al Deeby Dodge > 137.719
4th > U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto > 132.591
5th > U-16 ELAM Plus > DNF

Sunday ... Heat 4B

1st - U-3 Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep - (142.946) (fast lap (1) 150.085)
2nd - U-9 Al Deeby Dodge (140.173)
3rd - U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto (133.748)
4th - U-1 Miss Budweiser (121.152)

Sunday ... Heat 4A

1st - U-16 ELAM Plus (140.348)
2nd - U-100 Miss EPOCH (135.400) (Fast Lap (2) 143.378)
3rd - U-15 Miss Chrysler Jeep (129.885)
4th - U-2 Miss Trendwest (128.269)
5th - U-25 Fluid Systems Engineering (119.036)

Sunday ... Heat 3B

1st - U-16 ELAM Plus (138.037) (Fast Lap (2) 152.529)
2nd - U-2 Miss Trendwest (134.295)
3rd - U-15 Miss Chrysler Jeep (128.130)
4th - U-25 Fluid Systems Engineering (124.872)
5th - U-100 Miss EPOCH (97.853)

Sunday ... Heat 3A (Restart)

1st - U-1 Miss Budweiser (145.558) (Fast Lap (1) 151.553)
2nd - U-9 Al Deeby Dodge (142.493)
3rd - U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto (136.235)
DNS - U-3 Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep
DNS - U-8 Llumar Window Film (blowover)

Saturday ... Heat 2B Results

1st > U-9 Al Deeby Dodge > (150.757) Fastest lap > Lap 1 > 155.402
2nd > U-3 Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep > (142.781)
3rd > U-8 Llumar Window Film > (140.094)
4th > U-1 Miss Budweiser > (130.384)
5th > U-16 ELAM Plus > (134.948) *
* 1 lap penalty for taking out a buoy

Saturday ... Heat 2A Results

1st > U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto > (134.940)
2nd > U-15 Miss Chrysler Jeep > (127.430)
3rd > U-25 Fluid Systems Engineering > (117.293)
4th > U-100 Miss EPOCH > (141.832)* Fastest lap > Lap 2 > 145.680
DNS > U-2 Miss Trendwest (blowover)
DNF - U-10 Miss Detroit Yacht Club (withdrew > hull damage)
* 1 lap penalty for a gun jump

Saturday ... Heat 1B Results

1st > U-3 Miss Fox Hills > (144.092) Fastest lap > Lap 1 > 149.960
2nd > U-10 Miss Detroit Yacht Club > (140.929)
3rd > U-25 Fluid Systems Engineering >(114.894)
DNF > U-100 Miss EPOCH
DNF > U-16 ELAM Plus

Saturday ... Heat 1A Results

1st > U-8 Llumar Window Film > (146.674) Fastest lap > Lap 1 > 152.894
2nd > U-1 Miss Budweiser > (142.043)
3rd > U-2 Miss Trendwest > (131.505)
4th > U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto > (129.259)
5th > U-9 Al Deeby Dodge > (124.281)
6th > U-15 Miss Chrysler Jeep > (121.221)


U-8 Llumar Films, Mark Evans - 159.514
U-16 Miss ELAM Plus, Nate Brown - 159.285
U-9 Al Deeby Dodge, Mike Hanson - 159.275
U-3 Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep, Mitch Evans - 158.392
U-1 Miss Budweiser, Dave Villwock - 158.361
U-10 Miss DYC, Mike Weber - 156.849
U-2 Trendwest, Terry Troxell - 152.107
U-25 Fluid Systems Engineering, Ken Muscatel - 150.120
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto, Steven David - 149.644
U-100 Miss EPOCH , JW Myers - 148.290
U-15 Miss Chrysler Jeep, Mark Weber - 130.000

Gold Cup Winners List!
YearBoatDriverAvg. MPH
1904Standard (June)Carl Riotte*23.160
1904Vingt-Et-Un II
W. Sharpe Kilmer*24.900
1905Chip IJ.M. Wainwright*15.000
1906Chip IIJ.M. Wainwright*25.000
1907Chip IIJ.M. Wainwright*23.903
1908Dixie IIE.J. Schroeder*29.938
1909Dixie IIE.J. Schroeder*29.590
1910Dixie IIIF.K. Burnham*32.473
1911MIT IIJ.H. Hayden*37.000
1912P.D.Q. IIA.G. Miles*39.462
1913Ankle DeepC.S. Mankowski*42.779
1914Baby Speed
   Demon II
Jim Blackton
& Bob Edgren
1915Miss DetroitJohnny Milot
& Jack Beebe
1916Miss MinneapolisBernard Smith48.860
1917Miss Detroit IIGar Wood*54.410
1918Miss Detroit IIGar Wood51.619
1919Miss Detroit IIIGar Wood*42.748
1920Miss America IGar Wood*62.022
1921Miss America IGar Wood*52.825
1922Packard ChriscraftJ.G. Vincent*40.253
1923Packard ChriscraftCaleb Bragg43.867
1924Baby BootleggerCaleb Bragg*45.302
1925Baby BootleggerCaleb Bragg*47.240
1926Greenwich FollyGeorge Townsend*47.984
1927Greenwich FollyGeorge Townsend*47.662
1928Not held  
1929ImpRichard Hoyt*48.662
1930Hotsy TotsyVic Kliesrath*52.673
1931Hotsy TotsyVic Kliesrath*53.602
1932Delphine IVBill Horn57.775
1933El LagartoGeorge Reis*56.260
1934El LagartoGeorge Reis*55.000
1935El LagartoGeorge Reis*55.056
1936ImpshiKaye Don45.735
1937Notre DameClell Perry63.675
1938AlagiTheo Rossi*64.340
1939My SinZ.G. Simmons Jr.*66.133
1940Hotsy Totsy IIISidney Allen*48.295
1941My SinZ.G. Simmons Jr.*52.509
1942-45 Not held  
1946Tempo VIGuy Lombardo*68.132
1947Miss Peps VDanny Foster57.000
1948Miss Great LakesDanny Foster46.845
1949My SweetieBill Cantrell73.612
1950Slo-Mo-Shun IVTed Jones78.216
1951Slo-Mo-Shun VLou Fageol90.871
1952Slo-Mo-Shun IVStan Dollar79.923
1953Slo-Mo-Shun IVJoe Taggart
& Lou Fageol
1954Slo-Mo-Shun VLou Fageol92.613
1955Gale VLee Schoenith99.552
1956Miss ThirftwayBill Muncey96.552
1957Miss ThriftwayBill Muncey101.787
1958Hawaii Kai IIIJack Regas103.000
1959MaverickBill Stead104.481
1960Not held  
1961Miss Century 21Bill Muncey99.678
1962Miss Century 21Bill Muncey100.710
1963Miss BardahlRon Musson105.124
1964Miss BardahlRon Musson103.433
1965Miss BardahlRon Musson103.132
1966Tahoe MissMira Slovak93.019
1967Miss BardahlBill Shumacher101.484
1968Miss BardahlBill Shumacher108.173
1969Miss BudweiserBill Sterett98.504
1970Miss BudweiserDean Chenoweth99.562
1971Miss MadisonJim McCormick98.043
1972Atlas Van LinesBill Muncey104.277
1973Miss BudweiserDean Chenoweth99.043
1974Pay 'n PakGeorge Henley104.428
1975Pay 'n PakGeorge Henley108.921
1976Miss U.S.Tom D'Eath100.412
1977Atlas Van LinesBill Muncey*111.822
1978Atlas Van LinesBill Muncey*100.412
1979Atlas Van LinesBill Muncey*100.765
1980Miss BudweiserDean Chenoweth106.932
1981Miss BudweiserDean Chenoweth116.387
1982Atlas Van LinesChip Hanauer120.050
1983Atlas Van LinesChip Hanauer118.507
1984Atlas Van LinesChip Hanauer130.175
1985Miller AmericanChip Hanauer120.643
1986Miller AmericanChip Hanauer116.523
1987Miller AmericanChip Hanauer127.620
1988Miss Circus CircusChip Hanauer
& Jim Prevost
1989Miss BudweiserTom D'Eath131.209
1990Miss BudweiserTom D'Eath143.176
1991Winston EagleMark Tate137.771
1992Miss BudweiserChip Hanauer136.282
1993Miss BudweiserChip Hanauer141.296
1994Smokin' Joe'sMark Tate145.532
1995Miss BudweiserChip Hanauer149.160
1996Pico/American DreamDave Villwock149.328
1997Miss BudweiserDave Villwock129.366
1998Miss BudweiserDave Villwock140.704
1999Miss PicoChip Hanauer152.591
2000Miss BudweiserDave Villwock139.416
2001Miss Tubby's SubsMike Hanson140.022
2002Miss BudweiserDave Villwock143.112
2003U-3 Fox Hills CJeepMitch Evans144.152

Note that (*) indicates driver was also owner of the winning boat