Thunder on the Ohio 30

Results and recaps ...

Theoret wins first Thunder on the Ohio ...
After a blow over accident last year at Thunder on the Ohio, Jean Theoret was right side up and holding the O.H. Frisbie Four Freedoms Trophy signifying the Thunder unlimited hydroplane winner on Sunday. Theoret mashed the gas on the backstretch as boats milled around for position before the race to take lane 1 and cruised to his first Thunder victory, Steve David, driving the Oh Boy! Oberto, owned by the city of Madison, Ind., placed second. Mike Allen, driving the, owned by Ted Porter of Decatur, Ind., was third. Theoret crashed two years ago at Thunder, but recovered from his blow over last year to finish second in the final. Sunday’s win marked his first victory since San Diego in 2006. “Evansville bites us every year,” Theoret said. “We’re the black sheep when we come to Evansville. This one is a good peace offering.” He won the race for his father, Gerald, who passed away on Nov. 17, 2007. Through the years, they often raced Grand Prix boats together. “We had raced together all our lives,” Theoret said. “My mom and dad had come to all of the eastern races (in Evansville, Madison and Detroit).” David, who was the lone driver to have previously won at Evansville, in 2005, has now finished first or second in six successive races, dating to last year at Madison. Jimmy King was leading Heat 2B when his piston-powered Master Tire began smoking. Not only did the boat, owned by Ed Cooper Jr. of Posey County, not finish the heat, it had to withdraw for the rest of the day. Article By Gordon Engelhardt.

1st ... U37 Beacon Plumbing (137.854)
2nd ... U6 Oh Boy Oberto! (134.834)
3rd ... U7 (132.445)
4th ... U5 (124.842)
5th ... U10 Ahearn Rentals (123.716)
6th ... U-50 Spirit of the Navy (123.081)
7th ... U13 Graham Trucking

HEAT 3A ...
1st ... U37 Beacon Plumbing (136.719)
2nd ... U5 (126.208)
DSQ ... U10 Ahearn Rentals
DNS ... U13 Graham Trucking
DNS ... U25 Jarvis Fire

HEAT 3B ...
1st ... U7 (135.645)
2nd ... U6 Oh Boy Oberto! (133.487)
3rd ... U-50 Spirit of the Navy (123.173)
4th ... U-100 (115.632)
DNS ... U3 Master Tire (withdrew)

HEAT 2A ...
1st ... U6 Oh Boy Oberto! (139.226)
2nd ... U13 Graham Trucking (131.326)
3rd ... U-50 Spirit of the Navy (123.314)
4th ... U-100 (111.988)
5th ... U7 (GUN JUMP)

HEAT 2B ...
1st ... U10 Ahearn Rentals (133.132)
2nd ... U5 (126.140)
3rd ... U37 Beacon Plumbing (123.413)
4th ... U25 Jarvis Fire (78.689)
DNF ... U3 Master Tire

HEAT 1A ...
1st ... U50 Spirit of the Navy (125.182)
2nd ... U37 Beacon Plumbing (119.548)
3rd ... U3 Master Tire (GUN JUMP)
4th ... U6 Oh Boy Oberto! (GUN JUMP)
DNS ... U25 Superior Racing

HEAT 1B ...
1st ... U5 (144.032)
2nd ... U7 (138.554)
3rd ... U10 Ahearn Rentals (130.578)
DNS ... U13 Graham Trucking
DNS ... U100 (concedes)

Final Qualifying Results ...

U-6 OH BOY! OBERTO (Steven David) ... 153.429
U-37 MISS BEACON PLUMBING (Jean Theoret) ... 152.743
U-10 AHERN RENTALS (David Bryant) ... 151.809
U-3 MASTER TIRE (Jimmy King) ...151.044
U-5 FORMULABOATS.COM (Jeff Bernard) ... 146.281
U-7 FORMULABOATS.COM (Mike Allen) ... 145.569
U-13 GRAHAM TRUCKING (J M Kelly) ... 144.837
U-50 SPIRIT OF THE NAVY (Brian Perkins) ... 134.839
U-100 MIRAGE RACING (Greg Hopp) ...
U-25 JARVIS FIRE (Ken Muscatel) ...



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